Ingredient Quantity
Cabbage 1 medium
Nutritional information are approximate and may vary depending on fruit/vegetable size and weight.
– Calories approximation: 255-260

Cabbage is one of the basic foods, and over time it has been discovered beneficial effects as a drug in many diseases, especially in stomach ulcer diet.
It has a rich content of mineral salts and vitamins A, B1, B2, C, and PP.
The white cabbage cure has diuretic action, being recommended for those who suffer from kidney lithiasis.
It also has indications for those suffering from cirrhosis because it promotes resorption of ascites fluid.
The cabbage juice should last for three weeks is advisable to start with a carrot or spinach juice treatment for two to three weeks, and then switch to cabbage.
Cabbage juice is recommended mainly for hyperacid gastritis and gastric ulcer.
Prepare a fresh white cabbage juice by pressing.
The treatment involves drinking a glass of juice made from a medium sized cabbage daily. The quantity obtained is divided into three parts and the patient will drink a portion between the main meals.
Cabbage juice must not be mixed with any other juice.