Varicose veins


Ingredient Quantity
Apple 1 big
Carrots 2 medium
Beetroot 1 medium
Blackberries 1 large handfull
Lemon 1/2
Nutritional information are approximate and may vary depending on fruit/vegetable size and weight.
– Calories approximation: 225-235
– Calories from Fat approximation: 8-10

Recent research has shown Huckleberry fruits to have a positive effect in the treatment of Varicose Veins at any age.

Beside this healthy juice, I also used a very good Varicose Vein Defense Cream called Venorex, which done miracles for me.

If you want to get rid of your varicose veins in just few day, natural, without any surgery, then Venorex is the answer.

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